Measurements of the quality of nematic liquid crystal alignment


  • Iga Ostromęcka Warsaw University of Technology
  • Michał Kwaśny Warsaw University of Technology
  • Paweł Jung Warsaw University of Technology
  • Bartłomiej Wojciech Klus Warsaw University of Technology
  • Urszula Anna Laudyn Warsaw University of Technology



In this paper we have investigated the alignment of nematic liquid crystal (NLC) molecules in homogenously oriented liquid crystal cells used for nematicons generation. We propose three different methods based on contrast evaluation, linear diffraction and nematicons generation. We showed that LC cell contrast evaluation is not enough from the perspective of nematicons generation. In order to select the best LC cell all of proposed methods should be combined with each other.

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I. Ostromęcka, M. Kwaśny, P. Jung, B. W. Klus, and U. A. Laudyn, “Measurements of the quality of nematic liquid crystal alignment”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 1, pp. pp. 14–16, Mar. 2016.