Chromium plasmonic polarizer for high intensity light


  • Damian Arkadiusz Michalik Warsaw University of Technology
  • Paweł S. Jung
  • Bartłomiej W. Klus
  • Andrzej Kowalik
  • Anna Rojek
  • Urszula A. Laudyn
  • Mirosław A. Karpierz



In this work, we investigate a thin-film polarizer for a high intensity of the electromagnetic (EM) beam based on Cr nano wire arrays. Commonly used thin-film polarizing components are very sensitive for high power of EM waves and can be easily damaged by focused beams. The solution to this problem could be the thin-film polarizer based on metallic subwavelengths structures. This type of optical element has huge resistance comparing to typical thin-film polarizers. However, designing such an optical element for proper wavelength of EM wave and transmissions is not easy task. In this paper we present numerical as well as experimental results for specially designed chromium thin-film polarizer for wavelength 532nm

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Author Biography

Damian Arkadiusz Michalik, Warsaw University of Technology

MSc. Student




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D. A. Michalik, “Chromium plasmonic polarizer for high intensity light”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 9, no. 3, pp. pp. 76–78, Sep. 2017.