The influence of periodical, interference laser micromachining on nano-crystallization of amorphous magnetic ribbons

Roman Ostrowski, Jan Kusiński, Krzysztof Czyż, Antoni Rycyk, Antoni Sarzyński, Wojciech Skrzeczanowski, Marek Strzelec, Olaf Czyż


The main problem connected with crystallization of amorphous magnetic materials from the FeSiB(X) group is the increase of their fragility with the increasing content of crystalline phase. To overcome this defect the possibilities offered by the interference, pulse laser heating of FeSiB ribbons were utilized. A simple, interference prismatic system at the output of Nd:YAG laser (8-10 ns, 2 J, 1064 nm) was used. The investigations included the influence of laser radiation energy density, number of laser pulses and their periodical, spatial surface arrangement on the crystallization process.

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