Electromagnetic wave polarization state evolution in weakly anisotropic and nonuniform media with dissipation


  • Bohdan Bieg Maritime University of Szczecin
  • Janusz Chrzanowski Maritime University of Szczecin




The change of the polarization state of electromagnetic beam propagating in weakly anisotropic and smoothly inhomogeneous media with dissipation is analysed. On the basis of a quasi-isotropic approximation, which provides the consequent asymptotic solution of Maxwell's equation, the differential equation for the evolution of four component Stokes vector is derived. Obtained equation generalizes previous results for the nonadsorbing media and is written in terms of the dielectric tensor of birefringent media with dissipation. The formalism is illustrated by an example of magnetised plasma with dissipation due to the electron collisions.

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B. Bieg and J. Chrzanowski, “Electromagnetic wave polarization state evolution in weakly anisotropic and nonuniform media with dissipation”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 9, no. 3, pp. pp. 94–96, Sep. 2017.