Atomic and molecular LIBS spectra of Al alloys and composite materials for nanosecond and microsecond excitation

Roman Ostrowski, Wojciech Skrzeczanowski, Antoni Rycyk, Krzysztof Czyż, Antoni Sarzyński, Marek Strzelec, Karol Jach, Robert Świerczyński


Spectral investigations in the UV-VIS range of selected Al alloys and composites, used in the construction of armament components as well as drones, were performed using LIBS technique. Two Nd:YAG lasers were applied: a short pulse 4 ns 60 mJ laser and a long pulse 200/400 (up to 1000) us (~ 2/4 up to 10 J) laser. In experiments with a short laser pulse only atomic spectra were observed while for long pulses, also molecular transitions have been recorded. Electron temperatures of created plasma were found on the base of Boltzmann law. Temperatures are clearly higher for short pulse excitation.

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