The Uniform Scattered Fields from a Parabolic Surface with the Boundary Diffraction Wave Theory


  • Ugur Yalcin Uludag University
  • Can Altingoz Prysmian Group



The uniform scattered fields of the cylindrical wave from a parabolic surface are obtained with the theory of the boundary diffraction wave (TBDW). The non-uniform diffracted field is calculated with the regenerated vector potential and rearranged by considering the Fresnel function to obtain the uniform solution. The uniform scattered fields are calculated as the sum of the diffracted and the geometrical optic fields. The numerical analyses of the diffracted and scattered fields in both uniform and non-uniform solutions are in harmony with the literature.

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Ugur Yalcin, Uludag University

Faculty of Engineering, 

Electrical-Electronic Engineering Department,


Can Altingoz, Prysmian Group

Research and Development Engineer,





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