Photonics Letters of Poland - call for papers for “Ultrafast lasers and their applications” issue

Photonics Letters of Poland (PLP) invites manuscript submission in the area of Ultrafast lasers and their applications. The purpose of this special issue of PLP is to document the state of the art and the recent progresses in this field, through a collection of original contributed papers ranging from laser source engineering to applications of ultrafast lasers. The special issue will be entirely devoted to the most recent achievements in ultrafast laser technology.

Detailed information can be found in Call for papers - ultrafast lasers (PDF)

Submission deadline: November 15, 2016

Invitation for micro photonics congress and exhibition
We invite you for micro photonics Congress (11 – 13 October 2016, Berlin Exhibition Grounds, Germany). 
Abstract submission is already open.  
All abstracts must be submitted online no later than 29 April 2016 - see: Call for papers (PDF)  
Visit  for more details and to submit. 
micro photonics is a new congress and trade show where some of the major trends in the 21st century come together: Photonics and miniaturization. At this point the application engineer meets the scientist to discuss inter-disciplinary solutions for fi eldssuch as health care, lighting, automotive or information technology.
Micro- and Nanophotonics technologies provide new devices like sensors, actuators and interconnects for miniaturized and smart systems in Biophotonics across a wide variety of applications. The technologies combine mechanical, electronic, photonic and biologic functionalities. Device dimensions can shrink to the optical wavelength range enabling novel functionalities, designs and applications.
Biophotonics is an emerging, interdisciplinary fi eld of research that covers all light-based technologies interacting in the life sciences and medicine. The technological solutions Biophotonics offers are of commanding importance for the health and well-being of society. A necessary prerequisite for successful research and translation of the results in Biophotonics is a close collaboration between all relevant disciplines and between scientists, industrial partners and users.

Photonics Society of Poland (PSP) - Polskie Stowarzyszenie Fotoniczne was transformed from the SPIE Poland Chapter on October 18, 2007 during the Extraordinary General Meeting of the SPIE Poland Chapter members. All the members unanimously voted (103 out of 199 SPIE PL members) for transformation of the SPIE Poland Chapter to Photonics Society of Poland. The similar unanimous decision was confirmed by the General Members Meeting on February 25, 2008. The whole registration process of the Photonics Society of Poland was finished in March 2008 by official approval of the National Registration Court in Warsaw. 

The reaction of SPIE Headquarters was straightforward and enthusiastic:

“I wish you a very successful meeting later this week and assure you of an ongoing close and supportive relationship with the new Photonics Society of Poland. SPIE’s leadership recognizes and greatly appreciates the wonderful work done by the chapter members in Poland and I know there is sadness in a way at losing our model chapter, but we believe that this step is the fullest recognition of what the chapter there has done. We wish all our chapters had developed in a way to take a similar step”. (Eugene Arthurs)

Photonics Society of Poland (PSP) is presently with its 215 members (as of February 25, 2008) the largest and the most powerful optics/optoelectronics/photonics organization in Poland. It has already started integration and consolidations activities with Committee of Electronics and Telecommunication/Polish Academy of Sciences (Prof. T.R. Wolinski chairs also its Optoelectronics Section) and with Committee of Optoelectronics/ Society of Polish Electrical Engineers.

The official opening ceremony of the Photonics Society of Poland will take place on May 31, 2008 during First Symposium of PSP.