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Photonics Letters of Poland (ISSN: 2080-2242)

  • 8 issues with 129 papers published in the first two years: 2009-2010
  • 27.07.2010 PSP included in the Directory of Open Access Journals, www.doaj.org
  • 13.01.2011 PSP accepted to Scopus www.scopus.com as:
        Title: Photonics Letters of Poland  
        ISSN / E-ISSN: / 2080-2242 
        Publisher: Photonics Society of Poland
  • 13.02.2011 PSP accepted to Chemical Abstracts Service www.cas.org/
  • Photonics Letters of Poland in numbers (as of 2010.09.30)
    - Number of registered users in the electronic journal system: 250
    - Number of registered users as regular readers: 210
    - Total number of submitted papers: 133
    - Number of accepted papers: 113 (85% of submitted)
    - Number of rejected papers: 20 (15% of submitted) 
    - Average time needed for review: 17 days
    - Average time until publication: 24 days

2010 PSP Conferences (co-organized and co-sponsored):

  1. IOS 2010 The 4th Conference Integrated Optics: Sensors, Sensing Structures and Methods (1-5.03.2010, Szczyrk), http://ios.polsl.pl/
  2. WILGA 2010 Symposium Photonics and Web Engineering: (25-30.05.2010, Wilga) http://wilga.ise.pw.edu.pl/
  3. COE 2010 - XI Conference Optoelectronic and Electronic Sensors, (20-23.06.2010, Nałęczów) http://coe2010.politechnika.lublin.pl/
  4. IT 2010 2nd International Conference on Information Technology (28-30.06.2010, Gdańsk) http://www.it2010.gda.pl/
  5. ILCC 2010 23rd International Liquid Crystal Conference (11-16.07.2010, Kraków), http://www.ilcc2010.uj.edu.pl/
  6. SCPOC - 17th Slovak-Czech-Polish Optical Conference: Wave and Quantum Aspects of Contemporary Optics (Liptovký Ján, Slovakia, 06-10.09.2010 http://www.lm.uniza.sk/~jurecka/LTV/

Events and awards:

  1. 18.01.2010, Professor George I. Stegeman, University of Central Florida & Center for Research and Education in Optics and Laser, Orlando (USA) lecture: „New era of discreteness and periodicity in optics?”
  2. 11.03.2010, Professor George I. Stegeman received the Prof. Maksymilan Pluta Award for “his great scientific achievements in nonlinear photonics and valuable editorial skills in particular related to Photonics Letters of Poland vol. 1, no 4, 2009”
  3. OPTON 2010 First International Trade Fair for Optoelectronics and Photonics, (12-14.05. 2010, Katowice) http://www.opton.fairexpo.pl/opton2010.php
  4. PSP awards for best students presentations at the PSP-sponsored conferences: Wilga & ILCC 

253 PSP members
as of 16th February 2011 (incl. 15 SPIE members and 12 SPIE Fellows), 6 Students Chapters of SPIE (Warszawa, Toruń, Wrocław, Lublin, Gliwice, Gdańsk)


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