Up-conversion luminescence in low phonon heavy metal oxide glass co-doped with Er3+/Ho3+


  • T. Ragiń
  • A. Baranowska
  • M. Sołtys
  • A. Górny
  • J. Zmojda
  • M. Kochanowicz
  • P. Mikulski
  • R. Jadach
  • D. Dorosz




In this paper, heavy metal oxide glasses co-doped with erbium and holmium ions have been synthesized. Glass composition, based on the bismuth and germanium oxides, has been selected in terms of high thermal stability (delta T = 125 °C), high refractive index (n = 2.19) and low maximum phonon energy (hvmax = 724 cm-1). Up-conversion luminescence spectra under the 980 nm laser diode excitation have been observed as a result of radiative transitions within the quantum energy level structures of Er3+ and Ho3+ ions. Optimization of rare earth ions content has been conducted, the highest emission intensity in the visible wavelength range has been observed in glass co-doped with molar concentration 0.5 Er2O3 / 0.5 Ho2O3.

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