Frequently Asked Questions


Q:When I click on link system opens a different page than intended, what is wrong and how to fix it ?

A:The fist thing You need to check if You are logged in and problem occures in the other web browsers or privite mode the same web browser. If You problem does not ocure in other browser You need to clear all COOKIES for photonics.pl in problematic web browser. See help for Firefox HERE, Chrome HERE and IE HERE. If problem still ocures contact us (support@photonics.pl) with description of Your problem.


Q: Why I cannot submit article?

A: Make sure that an Author role is selected – login to the user home page and check if there is an author link, if not go to user profile and check an Author box and save. If You have an author role try removing all cookies for photonics.pl site.


Q: I don’t remember my password or username, how to reset password?

A: You can use this link providing email address to reset your password and recover your username.


Q: I need name and addres of institution to make a payment, where can I find it ?

A: Here it is:



Warsaw University of Technology
Faculty of Physics
Koszykowa 75
00-662 Warsaw

Phone: +48 22 234 57 43 

Bank Name: Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski SA (www.pkobp.pl)