Broadband near-infrared emission in barium gallo-germanate glasses co-doped with bismuth, chromium and erbium ions


  • Marcin Kochanowicz Bialystok University of Technology
  • Jakub Markiewicz Bialystok University of Technology



This work presents barium gallo-germanate glasses co-doped with Bi+/Er3+ and Cr3+/Er3+ ions for NIR luminescence. The addition of Al2O3 content in the glass matrix made it possible to obtain luminescence corresponding to the 3P13P0 transition of Bi+ ions. Co-doping with the Bi+/Er3+ system resulted in a broad luminescence spectrum of 1.0-1.6 µm and Cr3+/Er3+ co-doping in selected glass matrix resulted in luminescence in 0.9-1.6 µm band. However, the luminescence of the Cr3+ ions is much lower than that of Er3+ ions.

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