Investigation of luminescence excited by electrons from cold emission from a carbon nanotube cathode

Mateusz Patryk Mroczkowski, Jerzy Kalenik, Elżbieta Czerwosz, Jan Szmidt


Modern light sources are expected to have low power consumption, high efficiency of light emission and to be ecological. This demand creates a need to develop new materials and technologies to fabricate light sources that will replace traditional, high power consuming light sources. Such new sources may use the phenomenon of luminescence excited by electrons, from cold emission.
An investigation of cold electron emission from a carbon nanotube cathode was undertaken. As a part of this research, a nanostructural material built of carbon nanotubes was fabricated. A special test stand, including a four-section high voltage power supply, was assembled. The results will be used to anticipate the possibility of fabricating efficient light emitting devices based on such cathodes.

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