Terahertz polarizing component on cyclo-olefin polymer


  • Antonio Ferraro Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi (CNR-IMM), Roma 00133, and Department of Physics, University of Calabria, Via Ponte Bucci Cubo 33b, 87036 Rende, Italy http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0189-6729
  • Dimitrios C. Zografopoulos Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi (CNR-IMM), Roma 00133 http://orcid.org/0000-0001-7499-5547
  • Roberto Caputo Department of Physics, University of Calabria, Via Ponte Bucci Cubo 33b, 87036 Rende, Italy
  • Romeo Beccherelli Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi (CNR-IMM), Roma 00133




Wire-grid polarizers constitute a traditional component for the control of polarization in free-space devices that operate in a broad part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here, we present an aluminium-based THz wire grid polarizer, fabricated on a sub-wavelength thin flexible and conformal foil of Zeonor polymer having a thickness of 40um. The fabricated device,characterized by means of THz time-domain spectroscopy, exhibitsa high extinction ratio between 30 and 45dB in the 0.3-2.1THz range. The insertion losses oscillate between 0 and 1.1dB andthey stemalmost exclusively from moderate Fabry-Perót reflections and it is engineered forvanishing at 2THz for operation with quantum cascade lasers.

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