Vol. 12 No. 4 (2020)

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In the current issue of the Photonics Letters of Poland one may find eleven papers related to different aspects of photonics including variety of topics like: performance analysis of MIMO communication system with a non-line-of-sight UV channel; chemical sensing in THz regime with use of photonic crystal fiber; low-cost laser-assisted photochemical method for preparing the surface-enhanced Raman probes based on silver nanostructures; overview of currently used greenhouse lighting systems; manufacturing and the results obtained for chocolate THz Fresnel lens; dispersion characteristics of solid-core photonic crystal fibers infiltrated with ethanol; estimation of electrorefractivity near the edge of the exciton absorption peak of GaAs/AlGaAs photorefractive quantum well structure working in the Franz-Keldysh geometry; alternative approach to variable wavelength interferometry; frequency dependence of electric field tunability in a photonic crystal fiber infiltrated with gold nanoparticles-doped nematic liquid crystal; in-house development of the high energy laser based on ytterbium doped silica single-mode fiber; measurement of the LED luminescence distribution depending on exposure parameters and on image focus settings.

This issue was co-finaced in the frame of R&D Project "Stadion2" realized in the frame of agreement between Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology and SVT sp. z o. o. sp. k. from 29.11.2019.
Published: 2020-12-17