Vol. 14 No. 3 (2022)

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In the current issue of the Photonics Letters of Poland, one may find nine papers related to different aspects of photonics like: i) theoretical analysis of sensor structure based on the planar waveguide with a grating coupler to determine selected physical properties of blood; ii) AFM microscopy-based analysis of the influence of the oxidation method on the reduced graphene oxide; iii) microcrystalline diamond film evaluation by spectroscopic optical coherence tomography; iv) theoretical model of a planar broadband differential waveguide interferometer with gradient refractive index distribution; v) consideration of the color quality change when switching from fluorescent lamps to LEDs; vi) application of the 3D-FDTD method to design a refractive index sensor based on a slotted photonic crystal nanobeam cavity; vii) fabrication of a spot size expander using UV-curable resin on the end facet of a fiber with a high numerical aperture; viii) an experimental study of fiber-coupled fluorescence broadband light source suitable for spectroscopic applications; ix) analyzes the influence of the photo-polymerization process on the propagation properties of photonic crystal fiber filled with liquid crystalline mixture combined with reactive monomer and photoinitiator on the propagational properties. Eventually, the information about the 50th jubilee edition of the WILGA Symposium on Photonics Applications is given.

This issue was co-finaced in the frame of R&D Project "Stadion2" realized in the frame of agreement between Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology and SVT sp. z o. o. sp. k. from 29.11.2019.

Published: 2022-09-30